7 Din Mohabbat In: Review of an Awful Debacle

7 Din Mohabbat In - Pakistani Movie Review

With quite a list of Movies being released in Lollywood this Eid ul Fitr it is of course a choice for anyone to choose what they would like to see. For me it was hands down 7 Din Mohabbat In as I loved the trailer, the concept, the chemistry between Shehryar and Mahira and was looking forward to a fantasy comedy home grown.

So how was 7 Din Mohabat In you ask?

It was by far the worst Paki Movie I have seen so far!

Guess what? I was pleasantly surprised myself. You see I am an avid supporter of our Paki Films I even encouraged my readers to go see Rangreza and Mehrunisa V Lub U as they were still efforts that had a heroic point to make and some technicalities can be ignored. But 7DMI is by far the worse movie that I have seen as far as Paki movies go. A Steller cast that went to waste! The music was nothing notable, memorable or even hummable. The screenplay had holes the size of US of A and the entire movie was nothing but a horrible disappointment!

How the director failed to show up the gorgeous looks of Mahira who looked washed out and tired through half the movie) to making Shehryar look so Insipid even when he plays the Macho man hero is beyond me.

Faisal Bari Khan had an extraordinary idea that could have translated into a great script/movie but he unfortunately failed miserably and instead produced a movie that reminded me of the crappy Punjabi/Pashto Cinema of the dark ages of our movie industry. Hats off to Farjad and Meenu for making the entire thing even more unbearable by paying no attention to details, continuation, angles, cinematography, background score and so on. Believe me the list is endless.

This is by far the worse Pakistani Movie I have seen and I’m hearing nothing but complaints from every other friend or acquaintance who went to see it, with a few of them walking out in interval.

And what makes me cringe is how such a great idea was laid waste. Was it arrogance on the part of a big banner who failed to realize the high standard that Paki Film goers are now used to or is it just a lack of vision that mislead them into this bumbling melting pot of a pathetic movie making effort? Whatever it was this is one 1400 I really regret spending.


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