Eliminating Scars With Rice Water

Rice Water

The benefits of Rice Water are known by everyone especially those whose internet browser interests state Skin & Beauty Regimens!

I’ve known all about Rice Water and its skin benefits too. Over the years I used it off and on but recently I fought a bout of severe Acne that lasted about 10 Weeks and left my chin and lower cheeks area scar ridden.

Despite recovering from the Acne my skin was in a bad state and I really needed to get rid of the scars. Remembered that Rice water lightens pigmentation and scars and viola only after 3 weeks 90% of all scars have faded away with just a few stubborn spots that I know will soon fade away too.


In This article I’ve listed a number of tips that should come in handy for anyone trying to achieve glass skin or just get rid of scars like me.

  • Use brown or black rice for rice water. Since white rice is processed it loses a lot along the way. Black Rice is hard to come by in Pakistan but Brown rice is easily available, not very expensive and even half a KG goes a long way (If its not of any regular use at home)
  • Boil the rice instead of soaking. The traditional method is to soak the rice and use the water. But there is the not often used method of boiling the rice and using the water also. I like this better as the water is thicker and I feel fuller of nutrients. Use two tablespoons of rice and cook for a few hours. When it thickens refrigerate it.
  • Add two or three cloves and put in a bottle. Refrigerate. Adding cloves means you can use the water for about ten days as the smell of fermenting rice can be very off putting in rice water. Also cloves are extremely beneficial for skin.
  • Use it twice a day. Use a cotton pad and since its thick a little goes a long way.
  • Use it after your toner and before your moisturizer. No need to wash it off.



If you haven’t used it up in 10 days throw it away and make more.

Mix a little in your body lotion just before you use so your entire body can reap the benefits.

Keep the water refrigerated at all times.

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