First Pakistani Movie Ever Made! | Review

First Pakistani Movie Ever Made! | Review

We grew up amidst the stigma of vulgar Pushto and Punjabi movies surrounding our Film Industry and where our parents would wistfully talk about the excellent Pakistani Movies that they grew up watching. We ourselves saw the legends that were Barbra Sharif, Nadeem, Waheed Murad, Rani and Zeba to name a few.

And then once in countless years a movie like “Churriyan” would happen. But there was not an intrest in Pakistani Cinema till “Khuda Kay Liye” and then “Waar” came along and the rest is history.

Today we are seeing a flawless execution like Teefa in Trouble that is already making historic records and the bar of Pakistani Cinema constantly being raised by movies like Cake.

But it all started in the year 1947 which saw the independence of Pakistan. During this time the Indian Film Industry  was segregated and the only film production center left in Pakistan was at Lahore. With the industry reeling in its infancy, it was hard to work on film productions that had been initiated before the independence as many of the working filmmakers and actors had left for or stayed back in India.

With many hardships, the new film industry was able to release its first feature film Teri Yaad (1948) on August 7, 14 premiering at the Parbhat Theatre in Lahore. It starred Asha Posley and Nasir Khan who was brother of the much renowned Dilip Kumar who had stayed back in India. The playback soundtrack was written and composed by Inayat Ali Nath. Produced by Dewan Sardari Lal’s Dewan Pictures and directed by Daud Chand, the film stayed for a significant time on the celluloid screens in Dhaka, Lahore and Quetta!

I’m sharing this because it might have taken 40 years and a terrible low that seemed irreversible but we are finally on the mend!

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