Punjab Nahee Joungi | Pakistani Movie Review

Punjab Nahee Joungi | Pakistani Movie Review

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I love going and watching Pakistani Flicks.

Because to me it’s my duty as an avid movie goer to

propagate our local industry. Period.

To me there are no if’s and but’s to this way of thinking

and frankly I close my eyes to quite a few glitches.

Because frankly we are just being reborn.

Of course once in a while there is the awesome Waar or

the brilliant Manto however we need to stop comparing our

cinema to more advanced industries around the world.

Having said that I was truly looking forward to Punjab Nahi Jaongi.punjab nahee 1

The trailers were dazzling and the release

time was perfect.

To me it was just like the paisa wasool movies that don’t

require much effort to watch and leave me

satisfied that the ticket money and the time were well spent.

The sound track is easy on the ears and Humayun Saeed makes one hell of a convincing

Punjabi feudal!

For a Punjabi like me it was oh so relatable and quite a lot of

fun. The girls Mehwish Hayat and Urwa Hocane

were both gorgeous and the backgrounds were jaw droppingly


The wardrobe, dialogue, choreography all were well

carried out. The only flaw which was a disappointment for  punjab nahee

me was when a few times the camera panned out you could see

clumps of movie sideline spectators.

That could have been easily avoided and

was a disappointment to see. The rest is a nice masala

movie with all the predictability of one. Frankly I enjoyed it

and didn’t hear any grumbling around me.


Go see it!


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