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As a hard core Sci-Fi buff I just had to see GeoStorm even though it was constantly being branded as a GeoLaugh!

But the promo was reasonably good and it was Gerard Butler even though the mind could not grapple him as a scientist but like I said I had to see it.

Most stuff looks good on the big screen anyway and I figured what the heck it was a boring week and I could do with some me time.

20 minutes in the movie and I didn’t know whether to be appalled, tickled or scandalized!

The movie was even more formula then a Hindi masala flick and that is saying something.

No ground work, no character development, leaving the saving of the world to the last 2 seconds and a finale where the hero saves himself ingeniously after saving the world…. Yeap that too! sums it up. the script twists were so basic I thought  was watching something out of the 50’s or 60’s no offence intended to them.

Oh so we don’t stray far from the Hindi masala formula we added a lady just for the heck of it too.

Actually the graphics sucked too. With none of the city scapes that were being deployed looking anywhere close to real. Even the catastrophes were predictable with a tidal wave in UAE, an ice storm in Rio de Janiero and a heat wave in Moscow. So much for a little creativity in the scripting.

Jim Sturgess pretty much ensured that we know the movie was 3 years in the making through his consistently changing hair so we can thank him for that little bit of info. GeoStorm aiming at being epic and dealing with a subject like global weather was nothing but a big goofy disaster. Can’t remember the last time I came out of a movie so disgusted!


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