Dead Pool 2: A Review

Wanted to see this one on the opening weekend but what with Ramadan and work and Exams it was impossible!

But hey my 7 year old nephew and I had a date to go see it this week when I came across the rating which said Rated

R due to graphic scenes and language and hence the first warning I ignored! Didnt take him though.

Stupid me! I hate graphic violence. It makes me cringe in my seat and every time a limb flies by I suck in a

horrified breath. So Dead Pool 2 was one cringethon for me!

Buuuut and here is the big one……

apart from the graphic violence the movie was

sensational! The jokes were aimed at every super hero

Marvel or DC and movies all and sundry got ripped by

the unkillable potty mouthed Dead Pool!

Reynolds was so sensationally effortless in the role that it like Gadot in Wonder Woman it seems he was born to

play Dead Pool!

Oh yeah and Wolverine got slayed in the beginning of the movie and it was just uphill from there.

And I loved loved loved the credits that read like wait no I wont give a spoiler! Just go see it.

Frankly there were so many jokes that I missed quite a few and am sure I’d need to see the flick twice more before I

can catch them all.

Please don’t take your kids to watch it!

Please don’t miss it if you are a super hero movie fan!

Please wear your clever cap so you can enjoy it all!



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