Moosa Jee by Farooq Textiles! A Review of the Lawn!

It has been quite a number of years since I have stopped doing Lawn!

Frankly I find them to be overpriced, over embellished and certainly high

maintenance in terms of stitching!

You can read my take on Lawn Mania here:

Lawn Mania: An Evolution In Pakistani Lifestyle!

However when I received an invite from Farooq Textiles I thought… Hey these

guys have been around forever and none of the

biggies are coming in lawn unless they think

they have an edge so this is a must explore.

And so on a busy Saturday evening I still took

out the time to hop over to Pearl Continental

Karachi to explore what was designed by Sana

Noor for Farooq Textiles.


I entered and there was a row of mannequins

with the most hideous lawn jorras displayed. I swear for a moment I thought I

wasn’t in the right hall and had entered one of the exhibitions who try to

emulate the bigger brands and have three piece jorras with prints that don’t

match and embellishments that nightmares are made off.

I took a few steps back until I recognized a

couple of people from Team Tvinkal and with a

sinking heart I realized I was in the right place!

The colors! Uff the colors! Such monstrosities

were the clothes that you would think they

belong to the open market where design

elements are the last thing on any one’s mind!

And I immediately made my way to the tables

that were selling the suits to see if such tackiness was justified by an affordable

price tag.

And yeah from 2100 to 6700 the prices were the same as any of the big brands

without the quality or even a few designs that would redeem the collection!

I wish I could say what an awful

waste of time but something good

did come out of it. A group

picture with the designer, moi

and the Chief Guest Shehla

Raza made it to the Khaleej


So I guess everything’s well that ends well!

But ladies….. puhleez do not waste your time trying to see what this collection is all about!



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