Shan e Pakistan: A review of the Day 2 Fashion Soiree

A three day Invite landed at the work pad of Team Tvinkal and boy were we excited or what!

It was for Shan E Pakistan and what made us enthusiastic about the whole thing was the fact that it was a

collaboration between Pakistan and India.

Rimple and Harpreet Nirula came from

India to showcase their Padmavat Collection

and Amir and Huma Adnan did the honors

from this side of the border. Kick starting with a

Qawali Night, going on to the main Fashion

Soiree on day two and finally having a day long

open showcase of the clothes for day three it was an ambitious enough venture.

Unfortunately the highlight of the three day event which was day two and the actual

fashion show was a disaster.

Starting about two hours later than planned the organizers thought it was

a great idea to chatter the time away. While we appreciate the fact that

they were trying to take away the restlessness of the crowd by trying to

engage them, we also think it’s a bad bad idea to tell the crowd they are

running late because they are waiting for people to arrive. Considering that

the main Designers and the Indian High Council were there I can’t

think of any other person important enough to put the event to such a bad


Any way. In total there were four showings. With Amir and Huma Adnan

and Rimple and Harpreet Nirula there other designers namely



and Reema Ahsan.

I will altogether skip commenting over the

collection of Seema Ahsan as it looked like she

went and bought a truck load of clothes hanging in


Komal Chawla was a much better design

experience. With experimental yet wearable

clothes she had a collection that could still muster

a whisper of interest at an event like this.

Now this brings us to the collection of Huma and

Amir Adnan.

Frankly this is my fav duo and Huma’s brand

FnkAsia has some pretty decent formal wear to


However unfortunately here all we saw were

designs that looked exactly what they were.

Hastily putt together. There was no element of taking into account silhouettes or cuts or even colors. It was one

garish piece after another that was put together without any thought to harmony or coherence. With colors ranging

from the ordinary to the truly mediocre it was one big disappointment.

By the time the Padmavat collection time rolled around I was so fed up that I wanted to leave and I could see that

quite a majority of the people shared my restlessness.

But when Rimple’s designs began showing on stage people settled down. For the first time during the evening there

was applause and Ooohs and Aaahs over the clothes. The show started with a basic dull gold palette that halfway

encompassed shades of peaches and duty rose and mint and silvery soft turquoise. Truly remarkable from the colors

to the cuts to the workmanship this was not a showcasing this was an experience. And when Saba Qamar Zamaan

came on stage as the show stopper, her

dress was made all the more regal

because of her gorgeous smile. Frankly

Rimple and Harpreet Nirula did justice to

their collection that is inspired by Vintage

designs and the color palate was


A truly remarkable experience that put a happy note to a rather tedious evening.


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