Assistance for People with Special Needs

Today at lunch I was seated next to this amazing lady who when asked about her occupation replied by saying that

she is an Occupational Therapist.

Ok so um at the risk of sounding stupid (can’t be helped, I have or rather had, no idea!)

So turns out that Najma Adam is a very high achiever in her field as an Occupational Therapist.

After meeting her I just had to write this post and let my readers know about what I learnt also.

I’m sure quite a few of you are already aware of the special role these professionals play but for others like me please

read on.

Apparently an Occupational Therapist is basically someone who takes care of special needs.

Whether the needs are those of children born with less abilities or with special needs or it’s someone who has faced a

trauma in life and now needs to readjust, an Occupational Therapist plays a role in assisting everyone with all them.

From Physical Loss or absence of abilities to Mental and Psycho-social Challenges an Occupational Therapist plays a

vital role in assessing, training and mentoring a Patient. In the more Developed Countries where people do not have

the kind of family support structure we do have her in Pakistan, an Occupational Therapist even helps equip a

patient’s personal space with relevant support.

So coming back to the lady in question the first question that popped up was how did you land up as this special

needs person? Apparently it seems this passion runs in her family as her elder sister too is an Occupational Therapist

and works in the US.

Contained, Soft Spoken and very Composed on the outside, it only takes for her to start talking about her profession

for you to realize how passionate she is. Her patients are very close to her heart and the extreme challenges she faces

as a practicing Medical Assistance Resource in Pakistan do not deter her at all. Instead she takes it as a challenge to

spread more awareness about the problems especially of the Psychological kind that we as Pakistanis do not like to

talk about.

Not only does she have her private Practice but she is on the core team at South City Hospital and also teaches

speech therapy students at Ziauddin University Hospital. The power of the Pakistani woman never ceases to amaze

me and she takes the challenges of her job and her parenthood in a stride and has established herself as an authority

in Pakistan.

She has done a lot of work on Autism and is often seen on TV partaking in Awareness Campaigns.

A great woman who taught me quite a few things about how vast the field of assistance for people with special needs

actually is Najma Adam is truly an inspiration for the Women of Pakistan.


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