What is Valentine’s Day all about?

What is ValentinesDay all about?

And another year is off to a great start and its February again. And the big news or the only news when it comes to February is that when the middle of the month hits we find ourselves confronted with Valentine’s Day!

The way people respond to Valentines never fails to amuse. They either hate it or love it! They want to boycott it or make it the most important day of their lives.

Living in the sovereign Islamic state of Pakistan with all our Islamic practices and more than a little intolerance and prejudice, Valentine’s Day grabs more than a little attention here.

From labeling people celebrating this day as heathens to making it sound like the fore runner of corruption, everyone has a field day.

But all Valentines ever is, is a day. A day that Christians all over the world celebrate in commemorating St Valentines who preached love above all else.

Unfortunately for Christians and everyone else this day is now celebrated as a day when your significant other is supposed to bring down the star moon and God knows what else to prove to you that they love you!

Not very St Valentine’s that!!

We forget the main crux of Valentines. It’s a day to spread love. It’s not Christian it’s not Islamic it’s nothing! It is just a day to spread love! And love isn’t just for a partner! A husband, a wife or that significant other!

Love is for all the really important people in your life. Your parents who brought you forth and sent you out in to the world. Your siblings who grew up sharing your dreams. Your grandparents who kissed your tears away and listened to your endless ramblings. Your friends who snuck away with you to get in all sorts of trouble. And of course it is for a beloved partner who completes you also.

But this year let’s forget that this is day for lovers! Let’s forget that it’s stemming from a Christian preacher and understand that it is a chance to show love. A chance to show love to all the beautiful people in your life who complete you and who deserve to know that you love them too.

I will be writing more posts on Valentines and writing out tips on how, what and the where’s! So stay connected for more!

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