And who should I choose to be my Valentine?

And who should I choose to be my Valentine?


Ask this question of anyone and every man and woman will take the name of their wife or significant other. For those not in a committed relationship you will see a long face and a tirade about how difficult it is to come across anyone nowadays whom they want to be in a relationship with and so on!

But it’s actually a laughable situation. Because this day is not about choosing a Valentine. And furthermore it is not about just choosing your partner either.

It is about choosing someone you love and you want them to know that they are special to you. Let’s just say that we stick to the tradition of choosing someone of the opposite gender then think of all the possibilities it entails!

Can’t we choose one of our parents?! And believe me that they might protest that they don’t believe in such foreign rituals but when you take out a day and time to make them feel special they will cherish that moment for times to come.

We can always choose a teenage son or daughter. Especially when we don’t want them to feel left out of the way everyone around them would be planning something.

It’s an awesome way to make the realities of love and relationships in our brave new world brought to their notice.

And the best is that we can choose a grandparent or an aunt or uncle who has played a significant role in bringing us up and this can be our way of letting them know how much we love them.

Besides you cannot even begin to imagine how happy this gesture will make a grandparent.

At their age they love adventure. New ideas and rituals that they have never experienced in their life always leaves them wistful no matter what they say to you. If you ask them out it will be something they will cherish and boast about for forever!

And then of course there is our partner, our love and significant other. Making an effort to include others you love on this special day will only go further to strengthen your bonds and allow both of you to expand your horizons by opening your hearts towards more love. And you can always make it up later with each other. After all isn’t the entire year at your disposal to make each other feel special?

My valentines have been both my parents for the last so many years. Since they are estranged I love for all of us to go out together and enjoy a dinner on Valentines. And even though both of them always protest that Valentines isn’t on their things to do list they do always come with me, celebrate and we all end up enjoying the special bond an exclusive night like this helps create.

So be creative this year with choosing your Valentine and make it a date to remember for a cherished one in your life.

In the picture I have posted above its my Valentine dates (my mom and dad) and my daughters valentine dates (her two brothers) from last year and we had a ball!

For more on gift ideas and date night ideas stay tuned to our blog!

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