Let’s talk about the Corona Virus!

Let’s talk about the corona virus today. And why not? Seems everybody else in the world is!


We have a few reported cases in Pakistan as of last week. And we have a Province wise shut down of every educational institute in Sindh.

Is this wise? I understand that a contagious virus on the loose is scary but let’s determine the facts here

  • Is it airborne?

Not at all! If you aren’t in direct contact with an effected person or surface you aren’t about to catch this.

  • Are you going to die if you get the corona virus?

Not at all! As a matter of fact the mortality rate is less than the Flu virus in Pakistan and unless you are already quite sick or weak or suffering from an immunity breakdown this corona virus will not kill you.

  • Should we be scared?

Frankly no! In Pakistan Typhoid and Dengue are worst and have a higher mortality rate. We are reacting the way most of the world is and the world is reacting in this manner because China played it very smart this time. Knowing full well that this wasn’t a huge health crises it still went full guns blazing into terming this an International Threat and the world followed suit. It’s more politics then good sense. Try reading in depth CNN and BBC reports. They are pretty much saying the same thing I am.

  • How many kids have died of the Corona Virus?

Actually only a handful of kids under 10 have been infected and there is no reported death under 36 years as of my research until a few days ago. Doesn’t it reinforce the opinion that the worst hit are the already sick?


It’s good to be cautious. It’s better to be scared, cautious and protect one’s self and family but it’s not wise to blindly follow what is being propagated. Yes it’s a threat. But not big enough to merit the status of the emergency it has claimed and we need to be able to comprehend that.

Do share your views in the comments section.


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