I Gave up 4 Things to be Truly Free!

I gave up 4 things to be truly free!

We have grown up being told that there are things we can and things we can’t do. Somehow or the other the notion of our do’s and don’ts have been ingrained within us that have everything to do with societal norms and nothing to do with our happiness and freedom.

I feel that today as an Individual I have managed to free myself of a lot of the luggage that bogged me down and have managed to build a life that affords me quite a semblance of the freedom I set out to achieve. Suffice it to say that it was an uphill task and still requires work but is it worth the price?


So read on below to find out what I gave up to be truly free


Stop lying to yourself

The worst thing that we do and somehow we all tend to do it is that we lie to ourselves. Lying to our self holds us back. It keeps us in contact with people we don’t want to share our lives with. It keeps us in toxic relationships and we make excuses that cover up our own unhappiness. Whatever you do or don’t do just know that you need to talk to yourself and every time you do that you need to stop making excuses for yourself or others and you need to tell yourself the truth. Once you start looking the truth in the eye a lot of unnecessary drama and unhappiness just washes away.


Move away from toxic relationships

Well this one is easier said than done. Maybe in another part of the world or in another lifetime in our country it might be manageable. However with our close knit family structures it’s impossible to put it mildly. And frankly why do we even want to give up relationships with people we are related to even if they are toxic?  They are blood aren’t they? Well what to do? Define boundaries is what you do. Cutting people out isn’t the answer but defining your boundaries and sticking by them is what will give you the freedom to detoxify your life. It will be crazy in the beginning as no one especially the toxic people in your life like to lose control over you. However you can keep putting your foot down till you don’t put them in their place. Let them know what you will and will not tolerate and the rest becomes easy.


Stop paying attention to what is being said about you

Yeah well we all need validation about ourselves. But the problem is that the more we seek it the more we tend to come across negativity about our self. And never forget that people have a gazillion advices to give us. They really do want to walk in our shoes you know! Do we really need that? No…. so what do we do? We seek validation from our self or those very few beloved that we love and trust. People who will let us know what we might miss about our self or whom we can trust with our self-doubts. Other than that please stop giving a damn about what people might be saying. One good way to do this is to never listen to anyone who is giving us a piece of gossip that concerns us. We did what we did and we did it for a reason. How people are judging is just so not our business


Stop worrying

Again this has been the hardest to achieve and something I struggle with even now. There is after all so much to worry and think about. And I was born a worrier. Maybe because I feel that I need to take ownership of everyone and everything around me…

But you know what. We know nothing and have power over nothing. So how about doing our best and letting the Higher one look out for us. Whenever I have been sick with worry about anything I’ve turned to Allah and told him to just sort it out his way. I’ve never been let down so far. It’s tough but it is the only way. Have faith that the Universe is on your side and quit worrying about what you cant control.

So that is what I did to achieve the great mental freedom I enjoy now. Sure I still worry or get bothered by toxic relationships or give in where I shouldn’t. but I got my priorities straight and im enjoying the perks that come with ditching the aove!







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