Why so Bad Tempered in Ramadan?

Often we hear in Ramadan about bitter fights that erupt on the streets, in the offices and even at homes.

Here in Pakistan it is just taken for granted that since people are fasting they will be grumpy, short tempered,

volatile and certainly aggressive!

And the worse is we just accept that without any qualms and let Ramadan take its course waiting for people to

manage their aggression a soon as Ramadan finishes.

With all due respect should we ever behave in this manner just because we are fasting? Is fasting a ticket to behaving

boorishly? Aggressively? In a bad tempered way?

No nothing gives us the right to be venting our aggression, temper or frustration on another person.

Much less in Ramadan when we are fasting so we understand the plight of those less fortunate.

When we are supposed to exercise patience, restraint and manifest the qualities of a good Musalmaan.

Not only should we behave appropriately while we are fasting but it’s about time we stop ignoring those who

misbehave and gently show them the path to fasting like a true Muslim.

Lets break this myth that we all align our lives with in Ramadan that everyone is short tempered and aggressive

because they are fasting.

Instead let’s all look forward to Ramadan because everyone will be acting their best while fasting. Nothing is

impossible and the change we want to bring about has to start with ourselves.


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  • Reply Arshad Nadeem May 26, 2018 at 12:13 AM

    Good article JK

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