Life Hacks: 5 Things a Woman Must Know when Visiting the Mall of Dubai!

Life Hacks: 5 Things a Woman Must Know when Visiting the Mall of Dubai! | A Travalogue

5 Things a Woman Must Know when Visiting the Mall of Dubai might be the caption for this post but this can easily translate to the need to know for a guy too so read on!!!

For the last half decade or so everyone likes to go to Dubai. It’s all glitter and glamour and an insight into the high life of the swinging Arabs.

Of course if you are Asian you likely have friends or family you can bunk with, it’s a stone’s throw away and you can travel here on a budget, hence it’s a desirable travel destination.

Any how the high point of coming here is the shopping. Mostly. Always….. we think!

Even if you aren’t a shopper there is no way one should miss visiting the Biggest Mall in the World.

The Mall of Dubai. The biggest most glamorous retail circus ever. But we as women need to know a few things in advance. Whether you are going in for some serious shopping or just to browse the shops and spend a day window shopping take note of the below and prepare accordingly.

  • Be very clear about your intentions to shop. Because Dubai is way more expensive than anywhere else in the world. Chances are that anything you are picking up whether it’s a High Street Brand or a Luxury Brand, you are picking up way more expensive than anywhere else in the world so be cautious.
  • Don’t pick up what you like immediately unless it’s on a sale. There are so many brands of the same price range which you’ve never even heard of that often give you better worth for your money. Make a “I Want” list and do some leg work by picking and choosing what you want before making the purchase.
  • Dress to impress. Yes girls (umm guys…) I don’t care how that sounds but if you want to get taken seriously by some of the higher end shops or don’t want to feel like a dish rag in the beauty shops make sure you look your best when you visit the Mall of Dubai. It’s more like an International Glamour Walkway than anything else. Reminds me of Lahore… Hmmm!
  • Wear pretty but your most comfortable shoes because no matter how much you have heard about the size of the Mall I can assure you that you can’t even begin to comprehend it. So wear shoes that are comfy and always carry a summer jacket or a light Shawl. If you weren’t born in the North Pole you are likely to be chilled to your bone.
  • Don’t forget to find out the time of the Dancing Fountain Show and get there at least 20 minutes before the show starts otherwise you will be staring at a mass of bodies ahead of you.

And don’t forget to enjoy. If you are not shopping never mind just delight in the sheer variety of the items on display and admire the beautiful crowds from around the world. And if a little shopping is on the agenda well be cautious. Chances are you can find a better bargain at the outlet mall!


Enjoy reading my another Travalogue on Dubai!

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