A Super Powerful Sehri Option!

So this year in Ramadan it’s all about crushing my weight loss goals!

Considering that I’m in the process of setting up a new business and the Temperatures are high and everyone’s Morale is low it’s easy to say that this is a testing time for me. However the goal remains! Now going to the gym not once but twice a day means that my Sehri has to be able to carry me not only through the day full of settling my new team members but also through a very intense strength building workout!

So what I’m sharing with you today is the ideal Sehri option to optimize your energy while you are fasting and crushing it all day.

The secret is muesli in yogurt with bananas and honey! Ok so you don’t hear the drum rolls but do give me a chance to convince you how this superb dish will keep you going all day.

One it has yogurt. Now not only will it provide you with energy but it will also keep the thirst at bay.

Add 3 bananas to the mix and you got yourself some super fuel for the day.

Never forget that muesli itself packs a powerful punch thanks to the nuts, dried fruits and oats that are its main ingredients.

Honey will make the entire thing taste good and has anti-oxidant properties.

So if you are looking for a Sehri option that will keep you energetic all day well look no further!


Pro Tips

Add Mangoes, Strawberries, dates or any other fruit of your choice to accommodate your taste buds

Use Greek yogurt instead of regular and think desert heaven

Add Almonds and Walnuts to the muesli to pack more protien





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