Healthy Rosy Lips

Healthy Rosy Lips

Lips are probably our most visible facial feature after our eyes and in today’s world of stress and pollution keeping

your body healthy inside out is a struggle.

I have already talked about Lip Care in a previous post that you should read out too!

However in winters especially the dry arid winters of Karachi it seems no amount of moisturizing and hydration is

enough. And so today I am writing about a very specific desi totka to combat the dryness of lips which was given to

me incidentally by my paternal Granddad because he saw my dry lips long time back and which I found totally

effective once I tried it.

To moisturize your lips take a small amount of Vaseline pure petroleum jelly and rub it inside your belly button every

day. Yep you heard me right! Inside your belly button. This will keep your lips rosy, healthy and soft throughout the winter

months. Frankly I use this totka off and on throughout the year because constant use of lipsticks and then refreshing

the same lipstick throughout the day can really dry out your lips. If you have small kids then this is a must do for

them during winters as it is effective for both adults and kids.

By the way the original totka calls for Desi Ghee or Desi Butter in the belly button. However since that has a very

distinct smell which is likely to permeate the clothes and body both this is the ideal solution/compromise.


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