Oil Based Cleanser – Beauty Enhancer!

Oil Based Cleanser – Beauty Enhancer!

oil based cleanserTo me skin is the single most important feature that takes you from

ordinary to beautiful to breath taking. Beauty begins and ends with

hush glowing beautiful skin and a healthy glowing complexion over

rides everything in my beauty-bible!

And yes, to a degree good skin is genetic but nowadays with the advent

of modern skin care products and reliable online tutorials coupled with

easily accessible health tips (read: lots of water and eight hours of sleep) a dream come true skin is within everyone’s


Today, I am writing about Oil Based Cleansers, that is a really beauty enhancer and a females’ fanatic!

Easy on the skin with great Moisturizing qualities they are easily the best thing you can do for your skin if you wear

makeup daily.

And obviously, its a strange idea! oil being used to cleanse but believe me it works like a dream and your skin will

vouch for it.

OilBasedCleanser can be used on different types of skin (including combination and oily) and in addition to

removing oil and dirt it helps to soften and nourish your skin, not to mention with repeated use it can help tone and

smooth the texture and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The Ultimate:oil based

My ultimate product is the Shiseido Perfect Cleansing


The down side of this product is that it is not available in

Pakistan and needs to be hoarded after being bought on a

visit or be requested from a Traveling Friend or Family


Couple that with the fact, its price is steeping at USD 35

which is roughly PKR 3800/- and is a high maintenance


However, it will easily last you 2 to 3 months even if you

use a pump every single day and the cost and inconvenience will soon be forgotten when the skin takes an a hydrated

plump sheen.




oil based cleanser 1

For the times when I have to go without my

ShiseidoPerfectCleansingOil I mix Olive and Coconut oil half in

half and add a few drops of Almond oil to the mix.

Massage this on your face in circular movements at the end of the

day and it will melt away all the makeup and all the oil and grime of

the day straight off your face.

Remove with a rose water soaked cotton ball and then proceed to wash your face with the face wash of your choice.

Don’t forget to Moisturize your face after this double cleanse and watch the glow grow!

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