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About 10 years back one of my colleague narrated how when she was newly married there was a burglary at her in

laws house. Back in those days people preferred to keep their jewelry at hand and lockers were not really the vogue.

She and her sister in law both came from affluent families and not only received a lot of jewelry from their parents

but apparently were piled with it from the in laws side also so were sitting on quite a stash of gold.

She told me that in the Burglary every last piece of the jewelry at their house which was quite a heap was stolen and

the case was immediately registered with the police.

Since such a tragic event was broadcasted in the family immediately (The high points of living in our highly

connected family system) so there were quite a few house calls. She narrated that a very distinguished matriarch of

the family landed at their place at once and proceeded to tell them that they have to start reciting Surah Quraish

Immediately. The matriarch recounted that since always this Surah is to be recited in the event of a financial theft

and it yields immediate recovery.

Now my friend goes on to say that she and her sis in law and the matriarch and a few others started the wird of

Surah Quraish and did not stop even during the night and the very next day before 48 hours had passed the

burglars came and dropped off all the jewelry to their house. Not only did they return all the jewelry but they also

returned the money from a few pieces they had sold.

This was narrated to me when I was at work because I had realized that I had just lost a very expensive and brand

new mobile phone and yes before the day was out I found it lying where I had checked so many times previously that

it was not possible for me to have missed it. Since then I have always held on to Surah Quraish every time I have lost

something of value and I have always recovered it almost immediately.

The point is to start looking or start investigations and to do the wird of Surah Quraish simultaneously and

consistently not stop the recitation.

Alhamdulillah I have put to the test many a time in these years and with 100% success.

Last night while I was brushing my teeth before hitting the bed I suddenly realized that one of my gold earrings was

missing. Immediately on the trail of that thought I also realized that I would never know when I dropped it as I

couldn’t remember the last time I saw myself wearing it.

I started searching but without much hope when I remembered my Surah Quraish and Alhamdulillah within 5

minutes I found my earing under the bed. And my first thought while I was reciting a prayer of thanks was that I

must publish this on my blog and here we are.

And so today I am writing this post for all of you to understand that this is the go to in the event of a loss or a

burglary. But like everything else in the Kainat for which we seek the intevention of the Almighty “aqeeda” and

“imaan” is what yields results.


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