The Day of the Arafah


The Day of Arafah, 9th Zilhujj when the Alhajj gather on the Mound of Arafah is considered one of the most

important rites of Hajj.

However what I want to talk about today is the day of Arafah itself.

We keep reading about the significance of how before Adam AS descended to populate our world every soul who

would ever be born was collected together to pledge allegiance to the Almighty Allah. That was in Arafah.

We know that our beloved Prophet PBUH held his last sermon in the Arafah

arafah 2

And we all have heard about how the Almighty

Allah SWT descends from the heavens on the day

of Arafah to listen

to and forgive the Ummah.

It is also well known that outside of Ramadan

Kareem the fasting on the Day of Arafah is of


utmost importance.

We don’t know the exact dates of Shab e Qadar but Allah has made the beneficence of the Day of Arafah known so let

us the brotherhood of Islam pray to him not only for ourselves and our families (especially for our kids keeping in the

tradition of Hazrat Ibrahim AS who consistently prayed for his son and his supplications were answered) but also for

the entire Ummah of Islam.

Let’s join hands in praying for our country and our Muslim brotherhood and let’s make a pact do put in whatever

effort we can to make these prayers a reality. Remember one little effort from all of us can result in great leaps for us

as a nation and as human beings.



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