Tuxedo Do’s and Don’ts for Men!

Tuxedo Dos and Donts for Men | What (not) to wear

More and more in Pakistan we often get an RSVP that says Black Tie. However most of the men take that to mean

that they are supposed to be wearing a formal suit with a tie or maybe just a black suit with a black bow or tie.

Nope. Back tie means a Tuxedo. Unless it says Black Tie optional please know that a Tuxedo is being referred to.

Now what exactly is a Tuxedo?

A Tuxedo can be a Single or Double Breasted Black Suit with a peak lapel (edges point to shoulders) or notch lapel

(the bottom of the collar and the top of the lapel align at 75- to 90-degree angles).

Of course if you are younger you go with the slim fit but the older men prefer a modern cut but not a slim fit.

These of course are a matter of choice and perfectly flexible.

Now how to ensure that the Tuxedo is properly worn?

A few general hints as under will tide you over easily!

  • The Shoes

A polished slip-on shoe is just fine. Try going with laces but if not just avoid loafers. You can find a post about men’s

shoes on my blog here: Dude Shoes

  • The Socks

You have to have fun: A white and black polka dot or herringbone and solid is great. Just ensure you keep to the

theme. If you are badass go with Blood Red or Dowager Purple block colored socks. You can find my take on socks here: Bold Dress Socks.. The Do’s and Dont’s!

  • The Shirt

The shirt color is white. Doesn’t have to be pleated. That is passé but

still classic. But white it is.

  • The Accessories

I think anytime you wear a tuxedo, you should wear a pocket square.

Preferably white or match it with your

black or white socks. DO NOT match this with your partner’s clothes. NO MATTER how insistent she is. Black Tie is

when a guy is at his sexiest! Don’t color code yourself please!

  • The Tie

It’s supposed to be a hand tied Bow Tie in Black or White. Incidentally a long Black Tie on a Black Tie affair is

considered to be in bad taste! Since we dont do Bowties in Pakistan so a subtle tie will do.

  • What Not to Wear

Cummerbunds haven’t been used in a while, so none. I prefer tuxedos

with no vests because they make you look

squarer. However it is considered in bad taste if you don’t wear one with

a single breasted Tux. And a slim guy can

come across as super sexy in one!

But hey a confident modern man can get away with it. So next time you

have a Black Tie invite keep the above in

mind but remember that bending the rules a bit if you can swing it is

just fine!


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