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Born to a man who served the Pakistan Army and a woman whose father served the Pakistan Judiciary, Patriotism is

in my blood. And there is nothing that makes me hold my head higher than saying that I am a Pakistani Woman.

I have an agenda. The agenda being to negate the view that the world has of a Pakistani woman as  being a creature

oppressed and violated.

Yes we have our fair share of violence against the fairer gender but no more than the violence that is carried out

against my gender across the world in countries developed and under developed.

It pains me to see the informed and the empowered join in the agenda of portraying Pakistan as something that it is

not; the media, the people, the influencers all join the bandwagon to condemn the acts of violence and the portrayal

of the distressed damsels.

However everywhere I turn my eye, I see the struggle that today’s Pakistani women are making to break the shackles

of oppression, poverty, stigmas and to rise above the mediocre. This is a country that was created by a legendary

man with his sister on his side. This is a country that created history by electing the first ever woman Prime Minister

of a Muslim Country. This is a country that is full of empowered and brave females in every strata of its society.

It’s a country that is being shaped into a new era by its contemporary women of vision.

It is a country that belongs to us. As women, and men who are informed, it is our duty to cut through this haze of

misinformation that is being spread across the world about Pakistani women as bleak creatures despairing in the

furthest corners of our houses and bring forth the actual power of us as a major workforce contributor.

It is an act of Patriotism.


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