October Movie: A Review

October Movie Review

A coming of age movie that is not a love story. Not at all is it a love story, rather it is about love in its various

manifestations. How trauma and the unpredictable bring us to love and care for people we have no prior connection

with. It explores the self awakening that emotional attachments beyond the realm of the everyday ordinary

relationships elicit.

It also brings to the forefront the unacceptability that such bonds evokes in people at large.

The mere second it takes in totally destroying a life is so perfectly showcased in the movie that anyone can easily

relate to the unpredictability of life that forms the basis of this story.

Varun Dhawan has done himself proud. His honesty in how he played the role of Dan through its various

stages of turmoil, awakening and self discovery shines bright.

The movie itself is a visual delight that you have to see to understand.

This movie isn’t for the average movie goer. It has no popular themes, masala or formula.

It has no songs, glamour or costumes.

But it’s beautiful! Every frame is full of the beauty of our everyday life that we overlook.

It’s a surprise for sure and an emotional awakening that will touch a chord within yourself if you wish to immerse

yourself in the experience that is October!


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