Mubarakan | Bollywood Movie Review

Mubarakan | Bollywood Movie Review

mubarkan 1

Another Friday Night.

Another Movie and another stuck

Mama of an Arjun Kapoor teeny

bopper fan….

Shuddering inwards at the thought

of two of them this time and

putting a brave front on to the

coming two and a half hour

onslaught for my baby doll I

entered the cinema

Well hello Arjun can act? Like seriously?! Really!

Lol… Ok enough of Arjun Slamming!


The movie was actually great!

Silly storyline but great locations, very very funny dialogues, an adorable Punjabi family and hence a total paisa wasool movie.


The songs were pleasant but unmemorable and thankfully there wasn’t an overdose.


Anil Kapoor rocked the screen as always!   mubarkan 4

Man the dude never gets old!

Aliana D Cruz was smoking hot as was her chemistry with Arjun on stage.



mubarkan 3


The wardrobe people did a pretty good job too which is quite

never the case in Hindi movies. Their clothes are usually

ridiculously not believable but these guys did a good job.

Btw I don’t have to remind my readers

that I won’t be giving a spoiler in my review.

There were so many twists and turns that I couldn’t even if I


But I had a great paisa wasool evening! So has my vote atleast!

Go see it! It is funny!





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