Which of the Three Eid ul Azha Pakistani Movies Released was the Best?!

Which of the Three Eid ul Azha Pakistani Movies Released was the Best

So we saw three Major Movie Releases this Eid ul Azha and we must say that what to watch first was a tough choice indeed.

With the iconic status of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 1 it was a sure shot given that part 2 i.e.JPNA2 was going to be a mega hit because we all wanted to see it.

The fact that Hamza Ali Abbasi was coming to the Silver Screen after so many years and his sizzling Chemistry with Hania Amir and the nayapakistan movement we are seeing made Parwaz Hai Junoon a hot favorite too. Lagging behind but still in the game was Load Wedding as the cast was superb even though the chances of it competing with the 2 favorites was a little too much to expect.

For those of you who are yet to see these movies we have brought you a brief synopsis with our favorite that we recommend nobody misses to watch so read on.

Which of the Three was the best! Ranked.

The first movie we watched was Parwaz Hai Junoon. The Chemistry of the lead Actors and the story revolving around Pakistan Air Force Combat Pilots was sure to be a winning combination. But we felt that the timeline was very badly handled and the effects could have been just so much better.

The second movie we watched was Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and even though it had its funny moments but frankly we saw nothing except eye candy, lame jokes, a constant lecture and Ahmed Ali Butt. The only redeeming factor was the great music. It seemed like a movie that was made in a rush….

Our final movie destination was Load Wedding. What a surprise package this was! Technically flawless, executed with perfection this was one laugh riot from the beginning to an end which delivered its moral lesson seamlessly as a natural conclusion.

So what is the Conclusion?

To us Load wedding is hand on the winner out of these three movies with Parwaz Hai Junoon a second and JPNA2 a close third.

In case you haven’t seen Load Wedding yet we suggest you book a seat to see it immediately.

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