The Dark Horse which won the Race: Load Wedding | Movie Review!

The Dark Horse which won the Race: Load Wedding | Movie Review

Load wedding

I read somewhere on social media prior to Eid ul Azha that there are some pretty great reviews coming out of the Pakistan Censor Board about Load Wedding.

I sort of took it with a grain of salt. It is the age of Digital PR and reports like this could also be a glorified opinion of a person or two. Also load wedding was no match for Parwaaz hai Junoon and JPNA2 after all. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to see first.

Load wedding really wasn’t on my bucket list but my daughter insisted we go see it and frankly it was the third movie we saw out of all three Eid Releases.

You can’t even begin to imagine my surprise when the screen flashed Interval! I didn’t know where the first hour had passed because the movie was a whirlwind of colors, impressions, memorable dialogues and outright funniness!

Fahd Mustafa with his mustache and his vintage sweaters was so totally a small town john and Mehwish Hayat was so beautifully the spirited desi girl that you forgot that they aren’t real.

Load wedding is fast paced, visually stunning, technically flawless to an average movie goer and a laugh riot. From the performances to the setting to the cultural depictions and reactions the movie has a solid foundation with an excellent script with a surprise moral lesson that doesn’t jar or come across as preaching

Rather it is a natural culmination of everything you have seen on the screen. Fahd and Mehwish have sizzling chemistry and the songs… well unforgettable.

You will find yourself humming the catchy good luck and will fall in love with Mundey Lahore de withot doubt.

Nabeel Qureshi has done a magnificent job of weaving a story that has intense emotions, high drama, comedy, irony and a social message without allowing it to overwhelm the viewr with high drama.

An absolute must watch, a no miss, a must see!


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