Godzilla the King of Monsters but NOT the King of Movies!

Godzilla the King of Monsters but NOT the King of Movies!

Sunday finally dawned with the promise of going to watch Godzilla (yes, I am a big fan)

Finally reached the theater and settled down to see destruction of cities on an epic level. Instead got to see a divorced couple and their child save the world 🙁

No spoilers BUT Godzilla fans it’s not what we wanted. Godzilla was sort of a glorified extra.

Although the villain was awesome but the story line was very weak even for such fantasy movies and do you get redemption for millions of lives lost if you sacrifice your life to save your child’s life?

I think not!!!!

Graphics: Great

Villain: Awesome

Hero: big, strong and emitting blue fire

Storyline: Very lame

Human Interference: Too High

Overall Rating: 2/5

This Article has been contributed by Ali Nasir Khan who is an avid traveler and YouTube Junkie. He is also the acting CFO of Team Tvinkal!


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