Bollywood Movie | Race 3: A Review

Bollywood Movie | Race 3: A Review

I didn’t go in expecting much except Sallu Bhai and I am serious…

With the larger than life Salman Khan one is not likely to be served up anything else in terms of storyline, acting or a movie which has anything other than Salman and Race 3 for me held him as the only charm. Going in I knew that the reviews of the movie were pretty bad but I also knew that it’s made the 100 crore club already.

So imagine my surprise when the movie dished out an eye candy that held its own pretty strongly with the larger than life Sallu Bhai. Yeap I’m talking about the absolutely stunning Bobby Deol whom years have been more than kind to! Not only was he as smoking hot as Jacqueline but he managed to hold his own screen presence along with Salman Khan.

Race 3 has nothing to offer except Salman Khan and as a fan of his I can attest to thousands like me who will go see his flick no matter what! But when the songs are bad, the effects average and the acting nonexistent that is where the smoking hot looks of Bobby and Jacqueline are candy on top of the ice cream we call Sallu Bhai. These two and Anil Kapoor who appears in perhaps the most stylish role of his life are the only redeemable components of a movie so bad it’s not even funny.

Be warned watch this movie on your risk only. If you aren’t a Salman Khan fan you are likely to walk out in the first half if for no other reasons then the fact that both songs in the first half are so bad they bring tears to your eyes….


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