A much needed Stress Management Prog!

Consultants for our Future World  

Wow and that is about all I can say!

I was invited by COFW a couple days back to come and check

out their facilities and see the work

that they are doing and I must say I am floored.

After having seen my mom suffer from Cancer or rather to be

more precise after seeing my mom

suffer from the side effects of her cancer treatment I have come

to believe that modern medicine

may not be the miracle that we all believe it to be.

Of course I cannot negate the benefits of life saving meds, surgeries or even emergency treatments

and such but sometimes or rather most times I think that relying on them alone or turning towards

modern medicine for every small thing might never be

the answer to our problems.

And when I visited the center of COFW it was almost

like coming home!

Maham Bano, the consultant who had invited me and

then gave me the tour of the place seemed

like an extension of what my mind always hinted at and wanted to grasp but could never articulate.

The importance of the energy we garner when we walk barefoot on earth and grass!

The importance of the electro magnetic fields on our health and wellbeing!

The importance of the energy we absorb via colors from the sunlight!

The importance of managing our emotions and our stress levels for

our wellbeing!

The importance of tapping into our own immune systems!

The list is endless. From the glass of water she offered to me which

had love and wisdom inscribed

on it to the heart exercise she helped me do that immediately

soothed my senses to the case studies

we perused together, it was an incredible eye opener.

I believe that in the entire modernization process we have somehow

forgotten that we ourselves are the Ashraf ul Makhlookat and that

Allah made us as incredible beings. We no longer understand

the strength and miracle of our own bodies. Even though modern

research cannot stress enough on

the miracles that are our hearts, brains and bodies.

For anyone who like me feels that we can be better off without an

over dose of the modern quick

fixes it is a must to visit Consultants for our Future World and see

how they can benefit from these trainings. Remember the best

investment that one can make is in your own self!

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