Age is just a Number!

Age is just a Number!

One is always beautiful as Age is just a Number!

I change my hair color at least twice a year!

A big shout out to Aphey The Stylist here who has been my very patient but much harassed Hair

stylist for the last 5 years or so!

Coming back to what I was writing, this passion for changing hair colors isn’t anything new!

I always wanted to experiment with my hair since I was in my teens.

I had knee length tresses that my mom would never let me chop or color. And I used to struggle

against that all the time. One day she sat me down and told me that girl, it is easy for anyone to look

their best in their teens or in their twenties or even their thirties.

The actual accomplishment is to look great in your Fifties and sensational in your Sixties and

incredible in your Seventies. And she told me to enjoy the glory of great hair till it doesn’t start

greying and colors aren’t an essential in my life.

Somehow that advice stuck in my head! After all my mom was a great Fashionista and

always had an incredible sense of style.

And I only ever started dying my hair when I turned 37 and spotted some greys. And keeping that

advice in mind I always treated my hair and skin with care. Nurturing it and preserving it. So if

people tell me today I look great for my age it’s due to advice well taken! Thanks Mom!

However it’s not just about nurturing what nature has bestowed upon you. It’s also about staying

young and feeling young and never letting yourself go! Never believe you are old and give up on

looking great or dressing up or making an effort for your appearance!

The best feeling in the world to love your own reflection in the mirror. So take the time and energy

to look good, for no one but your own self. Because you deserve your own love the most!

I’ve attached a video of some makeovers of women above fifty and the transformations are just


It’s a reminder to all of us that age is just a number and we can keep ourselves feeling and

looking beautiful at all ages!

Cheers to all us women because we are the beauty of this world.


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