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Seriously I believe in the last few years I have already become a habitant of the Marvel Universe. Me and about half a billion other fans around the world. So for me at least the movie was a no miss. Now imagine my surprise when my two very discerning movie squad members (read my daughter ShahBano and my nephew Ibrahim) were equally hyped for the movie! Just to let you know I am often vetoed in my choice of flicks!  😀

Anyway loaded with a truckload of edible goodies and our 3D Glasses we settled in for the movie! The beginning was a little slow which more than made up within about 15 minutes into the movie. The battle scenes were epic. Maybe because it was old fashioned warfare. Horses and blades and arrows and with drop dead Amazonians swinging from cliffs and annihilating everything in its path. Where ever the charm may lie I can assure you the scenes had us riveted.


Gal Gadot is so seamless in the role that it seems she was born to play the Wonder Woman. Fierce but surprisingly naïve she showcases super hero loyalty to the cause of humanity in an entirely different light

The very hot Chris Pine should be applauded the way he holds his own in a movie so obviously centered on Gadot. He makes a surprising choice in the end of the movie that leaves viewers to form an unforgettable opinion of a hero who holds his own.


It’s a movie that will give you a chance to talk to your kids about tapping deep into themselves to discover their inherent qualities.

It is also a movie that will allow you to talk to your daughters about holding their own in this world and to talk to your sons about respecting and standing back to let a woman come forward and prove herself.

All in all it was a fantastic movie which was certainly more humane then most other Marvel Block Busters.

Watch it and enjoy it


PS: Kudos to me for once again leaving no spoilers 😀


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  • Reply zeus June 13, 2017 at 6:53 PM

    Good Movie! Awesome Lady!

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