First Transgender News Castor in Pakistan | Influencers!

First Transgender News Castor in Pakistan | Influencers!

Another day in Pakistan that proves that we are not the backward monsters we are made out to


Kohinoor Television aired its regular news bulletin with the first ever Transgender News

Anchor of Pakistan.

Just a few weeks back Marvia Malik became the first transgender model to walk the ramp in

Pakistan during the annual Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC) and now she has

become the first Transgender news anchor on Pakistani TV.

Of course her journey has not been easy as she was abandoned by her family at a young age and she

put herself through most of her higher education.

But in her own words “I have lost count of the numerous calls and messages I have received from

media outlets world over, just yesterday I did a few Skype interviews with media channels in India

and everyone’s talking about it”.

The love and acceptance she has been shown shows how we as Pakistanis have the potential to

break our stereotypes and move forward and embrace those who are being violated against.

She is just one case out of the multitudes of Transgender children across the country who are being

discriminated against. However her courage and ambition has brought about a wave of acceptance

and awareness across the country which should be the beginning of our fight against violating the

rights of these kids.

She sums it up in a nut shell when she says “I don’t want us to be considered as third gender but as

Muslims and Pakistanis.”

Let us all understand the crucial need of protecting the transgender community of our country and

let’s all step forward to educate the parents of transgender kids that these children need to be

nourished and protected. Not abandoned and discriminated against!


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