Angie Marshall: Lunch with a legend!

Angie Marshall: Lunch with a legend | Celebrity | Influencer

Angie Marshall

How exciting is it to meet a stylist who is the only Pakistani to have actually participated in not one not two but three Miss Universe pageants!

That’s right… Angie Marshall is the only Pakistani Stylist to have ever been nominated from Pakistan to be a part of the stylist team in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Miss Universe Pageants!

Well this is such a super achievement that we forget to remember that she was also a participant in the 2003 Asia Pacific Hair and Beauty show being held in Singapore!

So well yeah it was super exciting for me to get the opportunity to meet her one on one! I had a ton of questions relating to her Professional life and her high achievements and the dozens of awards she has received. We were together for lunch for about two and a half hours and will you believe me we never got around to me asking her all those questions.

We started off on a great footing with jokes about our lunch preferences and a camaraderie just picked up from there. Our conversation was all about life and our families and obligations in our beloved but exasperating Pakistani setup and didn’t know where time flew by.

Angie is a sweetheart! Charming, real and very very humble she has the unique ability to laugh at herself which is rare in any person let alone a celebrity of her status. We spoke about how she started off in the beauty business and her story was like any of ours. With a Parlor that was owned by her mom she wanted to switch away and tried her hand at a couple of jobs with her father being her champ and her mom being like all adorable Paki moms with their reservations and cynosure. However she soon found her way back to the beauty business and got her father to open up her own saloon for her.

Angie was charming when she spoke about all those initial times when she used to observe the reigning queens of the beauty business hoping wishing and working hard towards achieving that goal. She ate, breathed, and slept her business till she was able to convince her dad to send her for an advanced course to the UK. And from there onwards she paved the way to her huge success. Marriage and a son happened while she was working and I was floored by how seriously she took her responsibility to juggle both her business and family equally.

It’s a quandary many a women nowadays find themselves in. it’s hardly an easy task but Angie chose spending more time concentrating on her relationship with her husband and bringing up her kid then her business. She notes that had she given more time and energy to her work she would be in an entirely different league today. But she also notes with satisfaction that she is extremely happy with the way things shaped up in terms of family and work.

I loved hearing her talk about love, kids and work as it’s a subject that is probably more close to all our hearts today as women than at any other time. She is genuine. She is a high achiever. She made her mark and is still one of the most respected in her field. She did Pakistan proud and she is happy about the choices she made. She is one brilliant woman we can all look upto!




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