Mussarat Misbah’s NGO Depilex Smile Again Foundation

Mussarat Misbah's NGO Smile Again Foundation

It was late at night and as usual I was one of the last ones to leave work. As I stepped outside a girl covered in an

Abaya from head to toe grabbed my hand and asked me to help her. As I was about to sit in the car I asked her to

come see me tomorrow morning but she more forcefully said help me!

I turned towards her and she removed her abaya from the face and I was so horror stuck I thought I would fall.

The girl was badly burnt and missing an eye and her nose. I made her sit down and then went back to my office to

draw a breath in my almost paralyzed body and have some water to compose myself before I faced the girl asking for

my help again.”

And this is how the journey of the legendry Mussarat Misbah began with her NGO Smile Again Foundation.

Mussarat Misbah of the Depilex Fame or Mussarat Apa as she is fondly called by all who know her is charming with a

personality so open and gracious that you can’t help but fall under the magic of her charisma.

I caught her on her recent trip to Karachi to talk about her commitment to the cause which has encouraged

renowned surgeons from all parts of the world to travel to Pakistan to come and help operate on the Acid Burn

Victims her Foundation assists to recover. From rushing to the place where a acid burn victim is identified to

taking over  hospital care, subsequent operations and post operation care to psychological rehabilitation and finally

ensuring the victim becomes a financially self-sufficient person, the Smile Again Foundation is a large scale

ambitious project that Mussarat Apa has dedicated herself to full time.

Her feelings for the victims are apparent from the pride you hear in her voice when she speaks of the girls who are

now functional people in society and the pain you hear when she talks about the fact that there is no statistical drop

in such atrocities despite efforts to educate people against such vicious violence. Floored by how humble she is

despite her iconic stature it is amazing to hear her talk about her Girls, as she lovingly refers to them, because the

depth of her love for them is apparent in her every word and gesture.

With dozens of success stories that go to the credit of Depilex Smile Again Foundation it is indeed a proud

moment for all of us Pakistani Women when we see someone who is an Icon in the Pakistani Beauty Industry so

passionately working for those who have been left in a condition where they look far from human even.

Depilex Smile Again Foundation welcomes donations in the form of Monetary Assistance and in terms of Assistance

that is given through relevant skill sets. If you are a doctor, Psychologist or just a member of the society willing to

help these victims please register with them to lend support and love to these girls who have been the target of such a

heinous crime.


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