Lawn Mania! An Evolution in Pakistani Lifestyle!

Lawn Mania! An evolution in Pakistani Lifestyle!

Lawn was always a part of the Pakistani Fashion Trends. I remember way back in the 90s that my mom would

always go to Portia in Lahore and buy herself Gul Ahmed Lawn and Al Karam Lawn Jorras almost every other month.

However, she tells me that Gul Ahmed Lawn and Al Karam Lawn have been around forever and she has been

shopping those since the time she married!

But then I remember her wearing those Lawn Suits for years. Of course with the advent of every new season the

previous ones would be relegated to day wear, home wear or night time wear but the brilliant colors and the Lawn

itself seemed almost eternal and surely I would continue seeing them on her and then a domestic staff member later.

Nevertheless, she would not be caught dead wearing it for an evening out with the family or a dinner or any other


It was after all just Lawn!

But in the last decade, Lawn has changed the very summer Fashion Trends of Pakistan, and now, truly

speaking, the Lawn has been influenced Pakistan’s Lifestyle in a remarkable Advancement!

We have seen the cycles where there would be only a half dozen Fashion Designs from every

label and no one would be caught ever Wearing them next year as in ever!

To ladies going to extremes and getting them stitched and wearing them on the day they were available for purchase.

And, of course, we are not even touching upon the Lawn Madness that had grown ladies pulling each other’s hair


The Life Style shift in the Pakistani Women is one very big reason why Lawn seems to be on every female’s

radar come March of 2018. With a lot of Pakistani Women working and the emphasis being on comfort lawn

seems to make it from day wear to evening wear and most of the Designer Lawn capitalizes on that very need.

No doubt, now we see volume upon volume from every major Pakistani Lawn Designers

and Pakistani Fashion Houses with clothes

ranging from Casual Day Time Lawn to Vivid & Quite Embellished Lawn Suits meant to be worn in the evenings and

to even Formal Scenes.

So with the advent of March, 2018 all the Lawns will be on display and with it the Pakistani Trends for this

season will be defined.

We will keep you posted with our Reflection on Latest Lifestyle and Fashion Trends.


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