Favorite Tunes from Nazia Hassan! | First Pakistani Female Pop Icon!

Favorite Tunes from Nazia Hassan! | First Pakistani Female Pop Icon!

Need I say anything about the iconic Nazia Hassan?

That beautiful soul who took our side of the world, here and across the border, with a storm in her

teeny weeny teenage years is no longer with us. A tragic end to a beautiful soul with the voice of an


But even today we hum what she sang as she was the first female pop icon of our region.

Instead of writing about her today (we loved her! Know all about her! Let’s not relive the tragedy of

her early departure!) I would like to celebrate her memory by sharing her sings that I love best!

Hear them and rejoice in the talent of a Dive we all loved!


Boom Boom. My absolute Favorite! Still song rocks as a tune!



Oh Please how can I forget Telephone Piyar! So what we still do!


Ah Yes the Iconic Disco Diwaane that still makes me want to rock a floor at least!


Aap Jaisa Koi! Need I say anything?!


Sunn Merrey Mehboob. The best a Romantic Song has to offer


I hope you enjoyed my fav Pick of her songs! We miss you Nazia!


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  • Reply Ibrahim April 8, 2019 at 2:01 PM

    Nice Article. Totally loved it. worth reading

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