Going Bald…………..Make it Work for You!

Going Bald…..

Going Bald is a natural aging syndrome in majority of men which maybe being a woman is hard for us to understand. With a full head of hair looked upon as a symbol of manliness and virility in men no wonder when hair loss sets in it also brings about major depression and anxiety in men.

In most situations men will either give in or go for expensive hair transplants or even toupees to hide the hair loss.

As a woman I wonder how to communicate to a man exactly how to save themselves all the trouble and just shave it all off the scalp!

Men don’t realize how glaring toupees actually are or how you can tell a transplant job or a cover up job from quite a distance away. They thing they got it covered like everything else in their lives. Well I’m rolling my eyes here and when I’m approached for personality revamping and I’m dealing with a gentleman losing his hair I almost certainly insist on a shaved head and the transformation is almost magical (Haven’t heard no complaints despite initial reluctance)!

So guys when us women see a man with a shaved head this is what we think of him

  1. Super bloody confident! This is a man who walks the walk with ease and there is nothing more attractive in a man then confidence.
  2. Dominant! He shaved his hair off and wears his scalp with ease. He’s got his act together. A winner.
  3. Sexy! Nothing spells sexy like a bald shaved head. Please note next time you see a shaved head that every woman in the vicinity will turn and look at him
  4. Strong! He was losing it and decided to do without it. Masculine indeed

So those of you who are losing them strands I kid you not when I say it’s all cool. Almost every woman I know likes a shaved head and if that’s not encouraging I don’t know what is!

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