Three Telltale Signs of a Gentleman

Three Telltale Signs of a Gentleman

Period romances are quite a great read or watch aren’t they? However in this day of equality and feminism we are unable to enjoy the chivalry of the heroes of these periodic romances.

But like a classy woman will never be outdated in the same way a gallant gentleman will forever appeal as better than every other man around. Here are three sure shot ways to tell you are in the company of a gentleman.


  • He will treat you like a lady

Now it doesn’t matter if you are a 12 year old girl or an 80 year old granny. A true gentleman always treats a woman like a lady. His manner towards you will be courteous and attentive and he will patiently let you take the lead in whatever it is you may be doing or saying. All the while showing respect and interest. In a nutshell he will make you feel like you are important and that whatever you say or do is interesting enough for his attention. He will automatically incite your respect through his treatment of you.

  • He will always be protective

Now I know that most women will not agree with me here but a true gentleman is always protective of the women around him. Whether they are part of his family or his colleagues or even total strangers.  Nothing in his interaction with you will give you cause for fearing him. As a matter of fact a true gentleman always goes out of his way to look out for all women around him, even perfect strangers. He could be protecting you from invasive behaviors of other men, or just rude behavior of others. Heck he could even be protecting you from the rain or harsh sunlight or anything he thinks is causing you discomfort but he will always be looking out for you! This one ladies is a keeper and whatever relation you have with him it should be nurtured.

  • He will never demean or ridicule you

This one is a strong indication of a Gentleman. Most men don’t think twice before making sexist statements about women drivers or women and their capabilities generally. A true well bred gentleman will never make a sexist remark or behave as if any woman attempting anything around them (even if they are miserably failing) are in anyway inferior. Girls this one is a huge red flag. If he ever makes a demeaning remark about another woman but tells you that you are better and different don’t be flattered. Be scared and run away as fast as you can!



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