A Wazifa or Tasbeeh for Prosperity

A Wafiza for Prosperity

ProsperityWazifa ProsperityTasbeeh


Allah SWT the Gracious Almighty in his wisdom sees fit to bestow us with whichever bounty he so desires.

However we as human beings have so many wishes that no matter how much we are endowed with, we still covet


Our endeavors towards earning rizq Halal often lead us to praying for better opportunities and more rizq and there

are a lot of authentic duas and wazifas that we use from time to time or hear off that we can use to supplement our

supplications to Allah SWT.

I am writing today to share my own experience of a tasbeeh that is a powerful supplication and I have tested and

tried it again and again over a long period of time. About a dozen or so years back there was an advertisement in the

Daily Jang which was a public announcement made by an anonymous person.

It spoke of the tasbeeh I am sharing as a powerful dua for financial advancement and urged everyone to routinely

recite the same for bringing mass prosperity to us as a nation at large.

The dua is as follows:


Subhan Allah e Behamde hee Subhan Allah el Azeem


It should be recited in tasbees of 100s each for example 100, 200 0r 600 as desired and the amount can vary from

wird to wird.

It should be recited daily after any or every Farz Namaaz in any quantity as is desired.


My mother pointed out this dua to me and at that point in time there were no financial burdens on me whatsoever

but in the spirit of bringing prosperity to all I started the wird as per instructions regularly. Within months my

finances seemed to double themselves and I myself was taken aback but over the course of the last so many years it

has been my experience that whenever I lapse in this wird my finances take a dip and whenever I ensure that this is a

routine for me daily, Allah’s beneficence shines even brighter on me.

Of course this particular dua carries a lot of Fazilat and is endowed with a lot of power by the Almighty Allah which

has been authenticated by many a sources but the benefit I have written about above has been experienced by

myself. Over the years I have shared it with a lot of people who were friends, acquaintances or even strangers whom I

found to be in financial troubles and today I am sharing it amongst all my readers because like the anonymous

benefactor who placed the ad in the newspaper so many years ago, I too would request we pass it on for the sake of

mass prosperity for our Nation and Country.

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