Eid Files: Kitchen Savvy Makeup

Eid Files: Kitchen Savvy Makeup

I grew up in a close knit family and every Eid was a house full of guests at Brunch, Hi Tea and Dinner. Was kind of

aggravating initially when I was a teenager because my mom insisted that every occasion the cooking has to be done

by the women of the house and not the house hold staff as was the norm. This tradition is still alive and I do it very

happily for everyone now. Times change, we evolve and the small pleasures of life make more sense now.

Anyhow, I’m writing today to address the most important question of all. In our hot humid climate how to keep our

when everyone is looking their best!

No worries I have been there and know exactly what it’s like to have my foundation stand out in beady

spots with the heat and for the eye makeup to melt away pooling beneath the eyes.

No matter how hard we work on proofing our makeup when the heat hits it becomes patchy at best.

So I’ve gathered a few tips that have seen me through my years in the kitchen during Eid Days.

  • Don’t use a foundation brush or a sponge to apply your makeup. Try using your most low coverage foundation

and address any spot correction with a concealer. However apply both with your fingertips. Where that is not

recommended for daily use it is perfect for the kitchen as the heat of your fingers will allow the makeup to be

absorbed into your skin and when you face the heat the makeup won’t melt in patches.

  • Apply your makeup on a skin that hasn’t been moisturized. Where that will leave a dry look during application

it will become perfect within minutes of you kitchen duty.

  • If you do your eyebrows with powder then cover your eyes and put a little hair spray on them.
  • This way if your wipe the moisture off your forehead your eyebrows will not be swiped away either!
  • Use a darker shade of lipstick as tasting is going to play a big role in the kitchen so the lipstick won’t fade away.

Better is to use a matte shade. Moreover after the first application wipe away the excess on a tissue and reapply.

Then dab the entire lipstick lightly with a tissue and your lipstick is good to go for hours.

  • Try and stay away from contouring and even highlighting. Especially eyeshades should be applied with

fingertips. A light misty shimmer would be ideal as it won’t cake in the crease of your eyes. Where I always

advise against waterproof mascara here I would advise to go with it!

I hope the pointers given here are of some help. Do share your views with me and any more helpful tips you might have!


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