A natural dairy product filled with amazing probiotics, yogurt is a very healthy snack/accompaniment/ingredient.

In Pakistan we don’t just get the grocery shop variety but are blessed with milk shops dotted around every neighborhood that sells fresh yogurt all day throughout the year. However, since I am a fan of yogurt, I use it a lot. From cereals to smoothies to salads yogurt is my favorite go to ingredient.

Since there are additives to the store shelf variety and concerns about hygiene of the local shops version therefore I make my own.

Simple with negligible consumption of time and a week of refrigerator life, it is an easy task I assign myself during my time in the kitchen.


2 Tablespoons Yogurt

2 Cups Milk


Slightly heat the milk in a pan till it is warm to the touch but not hot. Pour it in a container of your choice to set. Frisk the yogurt culture and stir it in the milk. Cover the dish and place in a warm place like the interior of an oven or a pantry closet for about 6 hours.

Could be a couple of hours more during winter or as less as 4 hours in summers so keep an eye on it. As soon as it sets replace the cover with cling film and refrigerate.


  • If you like a Greek yogurt like consistency add 3 teaspoons of tea whitener to the 2 tablespoons of culture and stir well ensuring there are no lumps. This will make your yogurt extraordinarily creamy.
  • If you would like your kids to develop a habit of having this amazing food then puree their favorite fruit and stir into the milk before adding the yogurt culture. The resulting fruit yogurt will be a temptation for everyone. This can be used as a dessert also.


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