For a science fiction buff like me the third and final season of Dark just couldn’t get here soon enough.

In a pandemic ridden world where Netflix is one of our only sources of entertainment I for one had been counting the days till dark 3 will be released. However there was this nagging thought at the back of my mind that will Dark fail like almost every major mind bending show to reach a satisfactory conclusion or will it too fail to explain adequately all the mysterious happenings it had conjured up.

Dark itself is by far one of the best Science Fiction genre series I have ever watched and I can say that now because the third and final season not only unraveled all the mystery that the first two had built up but had a climax that was all at once satisfactory and at the same time left you to draw conclusions as to what exactly was, is or will be.

It’s hard to describe the series as such even though on the surface you can say it’s all about time travel. But after finishing the third and final season I wonder if it’s just Sci-Fi or a commentary on human deprivation when faced with its own wants and what we as individuals deem as correct.

Aptly named Dark this series spans centuries and is all about the twisted, awful family tree of a small town called Winden. It won’t be wrong to say that a lot of time you just want to grab a pen and pencil to write down all the intricate relationships. I paused quite a few times during the finale to mentally make sense of all that was happening on screen!

But for sure this series has done something that no other TV Show or movie has ever accomplished:

It has shown the same characters in different phases in life (all played by different actors) and in different times but never even once do you fail to recognize the characters shown which in itself is a huge achievement. Frankly one is so caught up in the story itself that it’s easy to overlook the cleanliness and sheer uncluttered cinematography that forms the canvas on which the story unfolds.

So even if you aren’t a fan of Sci-Fi but enjoy drama or suspense you really must see this one. However prepare to be totally at a loss most times and to stop to make sense or just unravel and process what you are seeing more then once.

Happy viewing!

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