Thai Vegetable Curry


Chicken cut in strips
Garlic chopped
Black pepper
Red chili flakes
Mama Sita oyster sauce
American garden Worcestershire sauce
Bell peppers cubed
Green onions (cut long)
Thai red chilies (cut long)
Basil leaves (handful)



Fry lots of garlic in a wok.
Add Chicken strips and fry.
Add black pepper salt and Red chili flakes.
And toss lightly.
Add Mama Sita oyster sauce n Worcestershire sauce to the above.
Add Cauliflower first and mix a bit.
Let it remain crunchy.
Then add Basil leaves bell peppers green onions and green chilies.
Toss it around and add.
Onions cut in squares and switch off the stove!
Your Thai chicken and mixed vegetables with basil leaves is ready!
Serve with white or brown rice?

This Recipe is courtesy of: Fawzia Jehangir Malik

Self-taught Glorified cook!


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