Bold Dress Socks.. The Do’s and Dont’s!


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Dress socks are having what we call in fashion “a moment”.

What used to be a really boring, traditional category is now

totally lit. Men no longer have to choose between goofy

novelty patterns and old-man motifs when picking out a

pair. You might not be ready for Dress Socks just yet, but

they’re ready for you.

However since the trend hit I’ve seen quite a Guy’s few

unable to strike a balance. The wrong bold sock can totally

mess up a good outfit. However totally from a woman’s point

of view a bold dress sock really ups a guy’s style game and draws attention to his personality but

you can only push it that far. Crazy experimenting can easily have you labeled as tawdry, so best

watch out.

Let’s talk about suiting up and choosing a bold dress sock to make a statement. We’ve chalked out

our dos and don’ts and it is best to at least heed what the fairer sex has to say about this in trend



Business   men socks 1

If you are dressed for a serious or high stakes business

meeting its best to match your socks to your pant.

However for the bolder maybe a small paisley print or

polkas can work too. And if you are a confident player

totally owning your territory then a bold tie or a

pocket square with matching solid bold color socks is

the end game!






Black tiemen socks

Again your personality defines your choice here.

We suggest you go with a traditional pattern but up

your game by choosing it in bold colors that

compliment your suit. Only make sure the colors all

blend and do not contrast. That way the bold will look

chic and not dowdy.



Dinner   men socks 4

Personally my fav category. Push up your style

game with ditching the tie and opting for a

pocket square instead. This is the time to pull

out the really bold ones and have fun

expressing your choice.




The Don’tsmen socks 2

Need we even say this

  • Please no white sports socks.


  • You must never show skin when you sit so socks should be midcalf length.


  • Please don’t wear socks with Pizza, Dolphins and the Mona Lisa on them.






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