The Black Prince

The Black Prince | Movie Review

The Black Prince is one hour and fifty eight minutes of heartfelt pity for a small boy who was forever lost.

It certainly brings out the sighs and maybe a few sobs for a life with great potential lost.     the black prince 2

It’s based on a real life tragic story of a king whose kingdom is snatched

away and he is smuggled well away from his land and people. An

enjoyable watch for those who like the flavor of a serious movie from

time to time.

But that is about the end of it. The movie comes to life only when the

iconic Shabana Azmi is on screen. Before and after is just a scene to scene of the well preserved heritage

locations of UK with dialogues scattered in to move the narrative along.

The complexity of Duleep Singh the last King of the mighty Kingdom of Punjab and his life long battle with the seeds

of discontent simmering within him that led him to yearn and try and acquire his position the black prince 3 back sabotaged by the

roots that had been sown for him in England by his captors were all

missing from the screen. And that is what would

have made this a great movie.

A lackluster halfhearted attempt that keeps you rooted with guilt,

sympathy and empathy initially.

Draws you in when Shabana graces the screen but makes you restless with the need to have the relationships and

the humane failings and yearnings put across. the black prince 4

Slow and easy while you watch it. Intense empathy after, which slowly

turns to incredulity at the stupid execution of the project once the mind

clears itself of its empathetic haze .

A great story laid to waste.


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