Sanju: A Review

The much awaited Sanju is out and even though I saw it 2 days back I’m still reeling with awe at the real life story and the team who brought it to the big screen for us.

A lesson and reality check for all of us especially the millennials and the younger generation so in love with the glitz and glam of the celebrity lifestyle. You really don’t know what’s happening behind the glamorous façade and Sanjay Dutt’s real life story brings that home.

Parents of all teens should make an effort to take their kids to see this one and then follow it up with a reinforcement of myths attached to drug abuse, drinking and the fascination with guns.

No need for spoilers and no commentary on the film making as Rajkumar Hirani has proved himself time and again as one of the most brilliant film makers in Bollywood.

Now we come to the part of Ranbir Kapoor. Time and again over the years he has given stalwart performances where his honesty has shone through and we are forced to acknowledge that acting really does run in his blood. Here however he is so good that from time to time you forget it isn’t Sanjay on the screen and it’s Ranbir. For Parents this movie is a great opportunity. For avid movie goers it’s a no miss. For those looking for just entertainment its intensity and melodrama is likely to come on too strong. But for those who like me believe that every minute of our life is a miracle and we need to fight and live this movie is an iconic inspiration.


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