Coppers, Me and Aria the Stylist!

Aria the Stylist

I think I must have said it a thousand times and I guess I’ll be saying it a lot more in times to come!

Your hair makes or breaks you and is an avid showcase of your personality. Frankly as far as I am concerned my hair is an expression of who I am and therefore I never go to a Hair Salon but I actually choose Hair Artists to do my hair. Since I came to Karachi I tried almost every big name in the Hair Game from Nabila to Tariq Amin to T&G and not to throw a shade on anyone but I was intensely disappointed. So much so that I was postponing my hair appointments to match my Hometown travel plans to Lahore till I discovered Aria the Stylist. Since then there is no looking back!

Aria is a great choice for someone like me who likes to experiment with hair color and cuts and is yet very protective of her hair. From Pre-treatments to Post, from product lineup to DIY tips she walks you through the hair game like no one else I know and that’s the biggest bonus for someone like me!

Recently I had a new color done and I also underwent a new and totally worth it hair treatment that Aria tells me is the OlaPlex hair strengthening Treatment. It’s a 3.5 hours treatment that makes the hair strong and added a visible strength and sheen to mine. Also Aria is the only one doing this treatment in Karachi with some of the salons offering OlaPlex Strength treatment that lasts about 45 minutes and has no visible results except a drain on the finances.

After my treatment I got a Copper color done with Highlights in Kara Chameleon colors which are dyes that essentially change colors after a few washes and have been my preferred choice for the last 5 years or so.

The hair color cost me 25,000/ on a discounted price where Arias normal price for such a color is 35,000/-

However the best thing about her Studio is that you can pick and choose your price range as her colors start from 5,000/- and go up to 35,000/-

So if you wish to up that style game of yours you can seek her out at Facebook or Instagram and DM your inquiry. Give our reference and you will get a 2500 worth of hair consultation Appointment for free! So hurry up!






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