Q Mobile Hum Style Awards 2017

Q Mobile Hum Style Awards 2017

QHSA2017 | A Review


So it was the evening of Oct 21 and the stage was set for the Q Mobile Hum style Awards for the second year.

Before launching in the pros and cons of the evening I would just like to reiterate what I always say that please judge

our events and our industry based upon our history and not with other established industries and their shenanigans.

Having said that the lounge and the red carpet were perfectly set up with quite a few booths for everyone (the

celebrities and non-celebrities alike) to take as many pics in as many poses as their hearts desired 🙂

The initial disappointment for me was the fact that me and a lot of other people were held up outside (Since I had the

privilege to know just when the show would start I came in pretty late) and the place I was told was already full


Thanks to my friends who were inside the hall already I was escorted in and had my seat waiting but a lot of other

people were turned back which was unpleasant to say the least.

Obviously for an entertainment starved nation like ours it’s understood that 98% of the invitees would turn up at

least so sending out more invites then the place could accommodate was a basic administrative flaw.


However once inside I must say the stage was very well done and

easily rivalled any you would probably see on an awards night in

the Country next door.

The event was hosted by Saba Qamar, Farhan Saeed and Ali Kazmi

who all did a passably good job with Saba taking the cake as there

were no inappropriate shouts or over reactions from her end which

unfortunately some of the other celebrities coming on stage indulged in. She carried herself with panache and did a

great job of hosting the show while looking like the diva she is.

Most of the dance numbers were very nicely put together with Saba Qamar’s power packed number that kick started

the event.

Other performances worthy of being mentioned were an item number by Syra Shahroz and Asim Azhar and the

perfectly timed number of Ahsan Khan and Polish choreographer Ilona Beiker.

Probably the most eye catching performance was that of Ayesha Omar as her dance troupe perfectly complimented

her performance.


The awards were nicely categorized but I feel that the nominees could have been chosen from a broader spectrum

instead of from the home ground alone. But since we are at the inception of such awards nights and Hum TV seems

to be the only leader here so I guess letting it go is the right approach.


However maybe the network can actually strengthen itself by not encapsulating

its own favorites and broadening its horizons to include all the others also.

Anyhow moving on, the show was reasonably timed well and there were very few

delays here or there which weren’t long enough to be aggravating.

A supposed appearance of Shahrukh and the resulting antics were a terribly

played out drama that could have been avoided as tasteless jokes quickly turn

into ugly barbs and hence that particular performance was in bad taste.

The highlight of the evening was when the iconic Atif Aslam performed side by

side with Quratulain Baloch and the two paid tributes to the legendary Nusrat

Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen.

That had the entire audience singing and humming along and was the best part of the evening which unfortunately

was missed by most of the event attendants as it was by then  pretty much in the wee hours of the morning.

A finale song penned especially to showcase a moving forward towards a more united and better Pakistan was a

fitting end for the evening with most of the artists on stage oozing all the glamour the show was actually aiming to


Great Job Team who made the awards possible and here’s to hoping that we move forward towards many more such

Glam events to come.


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