Travalogue: Abu Dhabi

Travalogue - Abu Dhabi

blog-post-3Glittering lights, Glamorous malls, Happening parties and Fast cars, Dubai epitomes the ultimate in Luxury Lifestyle. The ultimate travel destination of the world, Dubai has it all. However an hour’s drive out of there lies Abu Dhabi. I had the privilege of staying and working out of there for several weeks and fell in love with it.

Most travelers deem it dull compared to the big D next door however I stayed there and was lucky enough to tap into the heart and soul of the place.

Abu Dhabi has all the modern trappings of a showcase metropolitan in the shape of the Al Maryam Island that houses the Financial Zone of the city.

blog-post-7With its gorgeous malls and amazing architecture it can easily join the club of the cities with gorgeous skylines and luxury malls.

Al Maryam Island boasts the amazing Sowwah Square and as far as I go the shopping experience here is no less than the Mall of Dubai! Only a trifle more peaceful!

The airport road is a gem!

Where it houses most of the top fast food brands of the world it is also crammed with local and regional eateries that don’t let you down.

Couple that with the fact that walking out alone at any hour of the day or night is never a hazard in Abu Dhabi, the airport road was my fav dinner destination.

Except on the weekends of course when the Yas Island Hotel and Club had all my attention!

And when the shopping urge shifted to more local then I would catch the taxi to a souk.

Of all the souks the Alain Souk or Central Souk was my preferred choice. blog-post-6Its ramshackle state did nothing to damper my spirits as here I came across people from all nationalities and was able to strike quite a few bargains.

As for the gym, it got overrun for my passion to walk. Hitting the sidewalks was my fav weekday evening activity. From my hotel to the cornice was a 10 km round trip of happy time.

With the majority of people preferring to foot it, the long red lights yielded a happy friendship for me with an Egyptian dude who shared my zeal for walks.

The cornice which was always the destination is a beautiful sight in the evening with most of the Abu Dhabi youngsters shooting the breeze there.

Happy, peaceful, alive is what I found Abu Dhabi with an innate sense of welcome running deep inside of it!




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  • Reply Ali August 4, 2017 at 6:31 PM

    My next destination for sure .. as expensive as Dubai?

    • Reply tvinkal August 5, 2017 at 6:31 AM

      Nah Ali! Much better!

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