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Google the word recipe and before a split second you will have literally a gazillion food related posts! Well maybe not a gazillion but you do know what I mean. Now that was the easy part. The difficult part is how to make sense out of all these recipes. Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Desi, Desserts and what not! I mean we all have different tastes and especially when we cook for our families and not just for ourselves we need to keep the ingredients in mind. We also need to use our experience and imagination to try and make a decision on whether the end product will be a good one and enjoyed by our family/guests or no.

Then there is always the matter of a budget. I mean when have we not opened a recipe and seen half a dozen ingredients we are not likely to have at home and wondered at the shopping list! Or been flabbergasted at the sheer amount of ingredients and steps! Happens all the time

When I started the Blog Tvinkal I started taking pictures and adding food recipes under the heading “Sur’s Kitchen” also even though that was never on the agenda. But being a foodie myself, food is a very important part of my life and my family’s.

It is usually an effort for me to settle on someone else’s recipes because I like to cook with the least amount of spices and ingredients as I believe that too many spices and ingredients make a food unnecessarily fussy and most of the spices or the meat or veggie are unable to be the star of the dish. I have always seen my mom cook with that ideology and I have always followed suit and that is what you will find in the recipes on the Blog Tvinkal. Even though we receive quite a few recipes from Guest Bloggers we are very particular about what we put up as we want that our blog should only showcase recipes that are delicious, easy with as economical a list of ingredients as possible so follow this link and explore our treasure of recipes for both International and Desi Cuisine and Restaurant Reviews!

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